The Practical Ascension Workshop – One Day Workshop with Tim Whild & hosted by Jackie White


September 11 2022, 10am – 4pm

Location: Careys Manor Lyndhurst Road, Brockenhurst, GB SO42 7RH
Careys Manor is the beautiful venue for our day together. There is a link in the long description below to their website.
Doors open at 9am

During this event you will –

  • Receive the most up to date report on the year so far and look deeply into what the Lions Gate had to offer.
  • Learn about how we were chosen for this ascension mission and why many of us have found it so challenging.
  • What is Practical Ascension? Learn how to balance your reality so that it flows easily and smoothly for you!
  • Have we ascended and what can we expect from ‘5D’ once we do!
  • Crystals! Bring your own crystal with you (if you have one) and learn how to use your crystal simply, effectively and with empowerment.
  • Meditations and visualisations! During the day Tim will lead powerful visualisations that will raise your frequency to new higher levels.
  • Planetary work! Together we make an incredible difference, and we will be guided on the day to use our light for the ascension of Planet Earth. Tim Whild is an international workshop facilitator, public speaker, online presenter, and author for Hay House publishing.

    Optional Buffet – Normal Buffet or you can have Vegan or Gluten Free Please choose when booking. The Buffet incs a hot drink, there is also a hot drink on arrival.
    *Vegan (V)
    *Gluten Free (GF)


Navigating an ascension pathway on Earth is an incredibly challenging experience. We are being offered opportunities for spiritual growth like no other school in the Universe. Earth is exactly midway through a shift from the third dimension to the fifth and are experiencing a vast number of different realities, information and restructuring in a very short space of time.

Being a Lightworker can be peaceful, joyous, empowering, terrifying, overwhelming, and confusing all in the same space. How do we find balance within and navigate our changing environment like the Ascended Masters (and angels) that we look up to?

This workshop is a powerful and informative workshop that will help you to understand where we are, right now, and how we are likely to move through the next decade on this planet. Tim Whild has navigated his ascension process so far with a practical ‘boots on the ground’ approach to spirituality and will be bringing his information, light, and knowledge forward for this gathering.

Be prepared for a day that will leave you happy, empowered, and glowing!

Tim works intuitively with energy, crystals and ascension knowledge handed down and retrieved from the Golden Era of Atlantis.
You can find out more at or connect with Tim via Facebook at

To find out more about our amazing venue for the day click this link for the history of Careys Manor Brockenhurst:

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