The Halls of Amenti Activation Session with Renee-Star Johnson, Tim Whild & Jackie White.


July 19 2022, 7pm UK Time

The period between the Solstice and the Lions Gate is becoming more intense with each year that passes. During 2020 and 2021 the Higher Realms appeared to ‘stand back’ and let the proceedings happen on Earth without too much assistance. This year they have moved in with incredible focus and numbers.

In this powerful online session hosted by Jackie White, Renee and Tim will be discussing what is so different about 2022 and what it means to be on the ascension pathway at this time.
As well as a lively and informative discussion, they will assess the current energies and you will be taken into the Halls of Amenti to be presented with an activation. This is to assist you to reach the Lions Gate in the highest frequency possible.

You will also be given the opportunity to release any agreements or contracts that no longer serve you. Be ready to raise your vibration!

During this Zoom presentation you will –

* Receive an up-to-date ascension and energy report from Renee and Tim.
* Clear balance and align your chakras, bodies, and your fields ready to receive your activation.
* Release anything from your Akashic Records that has presented itself.
* Visit the Halls of Amenti with Serapis Bey and Ascended Master Anubis!
* Discussion, chat, and questions! We are here to answer anything that is appropriate on the night.

Tim Whild is an ascension worker, author, Atlantean, international speaker and crystal expert from Dorset, United Kingdom.

Tim was awoken to his life purpose at the end of 2008 by his good friend Diana Cooper who has also played a crucial role in the Earth’s Ascension process.
His aim is to help as many people in the simplest way possible while honouring the tests and initiations that arise on the spiritual pathway.

Tim runs two Facebook pages and updates everyone twice weekly with energy readings and powerful meditations to help navigate the process that we are experiencing.

Renée is a powerful ascension catalyst, Akashic Records Teacher and Healer, highly gifted psychic, lightworker, channel, oracle and keeper of ancient keys and codes.
Key code Activator.
Her work is quantum 5th Dimensional & heart based.
Atlantean High Priestess.
Protector of the people, the crystal skulls, crystals, temples, children and animals.
Renee woke up in 2011 after having a very powerful walk-in experience which was the catalyst for her teachings now.
Renee offers 1-1 Akashic Records Sessions and Ascension Sessions and Teaching The Akashic Records in a 1-1 setting aswell as Group settings.