Remembering Our Connection to Water with Jeremy Jones


July 29 2022, 6:30pm – 9pm

Location: Emery Down & Bank Village Hall, Mill Lane, Emery Down, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, SO43 7EB

Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start.

Water is at the heart of all civilisations, sadly though our day-to-day relationship with it reveals how far we have come from that time when natural springs and wells were revered as sacred places that our ancestors collected this precious life giving natural resource from.

We have been severed from our natural curiosity to wonder how truly extraordinary water really is. The dominant western cultural view of water has sort to separate our understanding and connection with it, through a reductionist left brain scientific narrative we have been lead to believe that water is just H2O.

As the past few years have shown us, we are starting to see how hijacked our education at all levels has become. The veils of many illusions are now being lifted and dissolved through our awakening as we discover first hand what we intuitively knew to be true all along.

‘Remembering our connection with Water’ is about deepening your personal felt sense understanding of water’s magic and the importance of its vital role in our lives and how to reconstitute its quality back to the sacred resource our ancestors once knew and loved.

We will look at the current view of how science perceives water and then through various taste test experiments we will discover how that this is just one perspective and that by the end of the evening you will have a new set of distinctions borne from the certainty of your own experiences. Proving once and for all that water is much much more than H2O. You will discover that water has an inner structure and also the capacity of memory, which according to current orthodoxy is impossible. Be prepared to have your water paradigm gently dismantled.

Please bring a 500ml sample of your own tap or filtered water so you have a personal taste reference to gauge your experiments with. We will be doing various other taste tests and have great fun during this practical and hands on water workshop.

With your permission we would also like to film parts of this workshop to share our findings with a larger audience. Please let us know if this is acceptable for you.

All monies received will go to The People’s Health Alliance after the venue costs.

Jeremy Jones

The last 35 years have been a journey into well-being that I could never have imagined possible. Through a personal healing crisis I was able and fortunate to come across many healing paradigms that quite literally saw me transition from being a pharmaceutically dependent adolescent to living medication free within a period of 4 years. I was a Shiatsu practitioner and macrobiotic chef and sour dough baker and also spent many years as a renewable energy sales consultant. For the past 23 years I have focussed on resources that provide foundations for healthy living. The key areas of focus are balanced food, healthy water and harmonised living spaces free from EMF’s and Geopathic disturbances, all of which I present in seminars and workshops.

I am an independent consultant for Grander Water Revitalisation, which I consider to be a true ‘Water’ legacy innovation’ for which I am honoured to be an ambassador and introducer of rather than a sales person. I am also an Associate practitioner with the school of BioGeometry where I am licensed to carry out home harmonisation strategies.