Relight Your Fire with Elizabeth Williams and Debs Atkinson


October 9 2022, 6:30pm UK Time

It seems that we are all having our metal tested at the moment. A bright light is being shone onto unbalanced ways of being, so that we can see them clearly and change them from the oppressive energy of domination and control to the energy of co-creation and community that allows us to thrive and encourages growth. We know in our hearts that these changes are progressive and we all know we need to be “sovereign” but what does this really mean and how do we do this in our day to day lives here on earth?

When bullying, control or manipulation shows up in our own lives, when we personally find ourselves at the receiving end of it – even in subtle ways from afar or closer to home – it can feel crushing and diminishing. It can leave us feeling small, powerless, worthless. It stings and hurts us as it pokes at old hidden wounds. From this wounded place it can feel natural to retaliate, respond defensively or to crumble and acquiesce, all of which perpetuates the cycle and then we feel bad about ourselves as we are unable to be this term of “sovereign” which we keep being told we are! Of course we are that but how do we actually connect with that in every day life whilst facing these challenges?

In this down to earth workshop we will explore how you are experiencing this and arm you with practical tools to heal your hidden wounds. You will release old patterns and fears and look at ways to cope when in difficult situations. You will learn how to ignite your own inner fire and proudly stand up for yourself in a loving, kind and strong way. This inner fire has a strong, balanced masculine/ feminine energy. It’s the energy that we all have but for many it has been smothered. We just need to access it again. It’s needed at the grass roots, daily life level. The more of us who find it and fan our own flame, the more it will spread like wild fire. Mutual respect, honouring each other’s strengths and unique gifts will allow true masculine energy to emerge and flourish alongside true feminine energy to create the world we all want to inhabit.

Online workshop hosted by Jackie White of Positive Inspirations Group with Elizabeth Williams and Debs Atkinson.

Recording will be available if you have booked but cannot attend live.