Recognising Your Soul Gifts in the Ascension Journey with Nikoleta

Conscious Café evening with Nikoleta Zolner

During this gathering, we will be talking about the Ascension and Our Souls Path.

Nikoleta believes, wherever we are on our journey, we can activate our ascension with Divine Light and move forward on our journey.
We all have unique gifts, talents and infinite potential that are waiting to be discovered and used to create an abundant life we all deserve to live.

Nikoleta is a motivational speaker, channel of Divine Light and Healer anchoring higher frequencies. Her life passion and soul purpose are to awaken people to their true potential and the ability to create their own reality.
During this evening we will connect to the Source energy and use it to discover infinite possibilities we all have on our Soul’s journey in this life.

As we raise our vibration and connect to our heart, we will see and feel the beauty of our very own being. We will be using an energy transmission to anchor the high frequencies in our energy field. Once we reconnect with our essence, we can awake, align, and ascend… …because the whole world is waiting for your light…

There will be an opportunity to discuss and share our thoughts about Ascension and your own unique journey.

Conscious Café was founded in 2011 when a group of friends got together to hold deep, conscious conversations. It is now a global organisation, with regular local groups, events and social media connecting like-minded people to engage in conscious conversations, raise self-awareness and explore new ideas and current issues.