Psychic Supper


September 17 2022, 6pm UK Time

We have our next Psychic Supper event on Saturday September 17th.
Doors open at 6.00pm to start at 6.30pm

Totton & Eling Community Center Salisbury Road, Totton, Southampton, SO40 3PY,
Behind Testvale Dr’s Surgery Car Parks: War Memorial Car Park and Civic Car Park.

Tickets include an individual reading & fish & chip supper.
Readers this time: Colin Flaherty, Polly Harnett, Sashi Radley, Kate May Flaherty, Louise Marie Otter, Justin Pearce, Sarah Andrews, Sam O’Neil, Jessie Hampton, Debs Atkinson & Justine Markley.
Information about all our readers can be found on our website.
When you arrive you will take a name from the box to see who your reader will be for the evening.
There will be a notice on each table saying how the evening works i.e. a 15 minute turnaround for readings, you can ask for the details of any reader if you would like to book a longer reading with them.
Please be sure to read that when you arrive.

This is a list of our wonderful readers and how they work:

Louise Marie Otter is Clairvoyance (see), Clairsentience (feel), Claircognizance (Know) & on occasion depending who she is working with, will use Clairaudience ( hear) & Clairalience (smell). Louise is able to connect with spirit directly & using the following divination tools, oracle cards, ribbons, photographs, psychometry (holding a loved ones item) & tarot.

Sam O’Neil The art of interpreting a person’s character & predicting their future by examining the palm of their hand. One of the oldest forms of divination. Medium, Spiritual Palmist and Rune Reader Sam O’Neil uses all her knowledge she has gained over the past 19 years to help and guide others on their path. By examining the lines and linking in with the living and Spirit.

Sarah Andrews is an intuitive psychic and empath, and Master Angelic Lightworker (trained with the gorgeous Sue Owen) giving Angelic card readings and Angelic Reiki. Sarah also provide Crystal Healing Treatments and is also a fledgling medium (trained with the fabulous Sam O’Neil)

Kate May Using the tarot and my psychic abilities, I look into your life, what’s around you, coming up and give you possible answers to your questions, giving you guidance, insight and clarification but leaving you to make the choices for you’re self.

Colin Flaherty I am a 4th Generation medium from my mothers side of the family. After years of sitting for development for mediumship & over 20 years sitting for trance mediumship.
I have gained absolute faith in the spirit world and that this is my pathway and that I communicate with those that have passed over, truthfully, humbly and with respect.
I have studied under some of the most well known and greatest medium tutors such as Leonard Young Mavis Pittila, Mallory Stendall. Stephen Smith,and colleges such as the Arthur Findley College.
I have spent time working as a medium and trance medium both in England and across America, my journey has included presidency of a church, as well as working in several different churches internationaly, including new Zealand, Australia, and America.

Polly Harnet from Cosham Psychic Medium, Tarot and Angel Card Reader, Reiki Animal communicator and Rahanni Healer

Justin Pearce is a Psychic Medium, Author, Tarot and Palm Reader. He is also a teacher and life coach. Justin is also a bereavement councillor. As a Psychic , I use my ability to guide you through your life decisions and help you to find your way.

Debs Atkinson from Natures Message
I am a nature loving healer, an intuitive reader, a therapist, a writer, a teacher and am mostly at the beck and call of my naughty rescue dogs. Because of my own healing journey, I have a deep belief that the changes we want to see in this world must start from within us. I aim to help you uncover and clear anything that is holding you back from following your path to happiness and love.

Jessie Hampton, Jessie trained as a psychic medium with Justin Pearce but assures me not to worry about that I’m 19 years old and I do tarot card readings and Mediumship

Sashi Radley – Face & Soul Readings
Your face is an amazing, living, breathing map of who you are and what makes you unique. Face Reading is also known also as Physiognomy and is a powerful tool that has been used for thousands of years in both Eastern and Western civilisations. Aristotle and Hippocrates both studied and practiced physiognomy. In China face reading has been used since ancient times by specialists in medical diagnosis. Chinese Face Readers often train for 30 – 40 years.This brings another fun, fascinating and empowering dimension to your reading, and may give you the clarity and understanding needed to help you to make the next step of your life journey.

Justine Markley
Justine does psychic mediumship and tarot readings. She connects to loved ones in spirit and give messages for the individual on spiritual lessons they are learning here. When things come up we see what needs to be let go of in order to move forward.