Psychic Supper

3rd February 2024
18:30 GMT
In Person

About this event

3rd February 2024 | 18:30 GMT

Event held at: Mudeford Wood Community Centre, Piper’s Drive, Christchurch, BH23 4TR.

Doors open at 5.45pm for a 6.30pm start.
Ticket Includes an Individual Reading, Fish & Chip Supper and hot drink.

Event held at: Mudeford Wood Community Centre, Piper’s Drive, Christchurch, BH23 4TR.

Doors open at 5.45pm for a 6.30pm start.

Ticket Includes an Individual Reading & Fish & Chip Supper and hot drink.


Meet our Psychics

Janet Emilymae
I am so very blessed to have been bestowed with such a beautiful gift of clairvoyance and am humbled to be able to see, hear, sense, smell and connect with spirit on a lovely level.
My spiritual work means the utmost to me and when I connect with your loved one it would be great for you to not only enjoy the experience of connecting with spirit but for you to also feel that you have just spent a small amount of time with your loved one that you have been parted from.
Spirit will always come to guide you along your path and you must remember you are never alone, they are only a heartbeat away, wanting you to know that they do live on.

Jane Morton
Jane is an Intuitive Psychic/Medium, Psychic Counsellor, Rahanni Teacher Practitioner & Holistic Therapist. Jane has been working as a psychic for nearly 6 years, but her first encounter with spirit was when she was only 5 years old. Jane tells us “I’m friendly, down to earth and what you see is what you get, it really is the real me with no frills.” “I do love helping others and enjoy the work that I do, I know it helps and supports those in need”.

Paulette Benson
Paulette Benson is a spiritual medium. Coming from a long line of mediums. Paulette works with clients from all over the world and loves her calling.

Polly Harnett
Polly Harnett Portsmouth. Polly is so popular at our Supper evenings; I asked if she will join us in Mudeford for this evening. Polly is a Psychic Medium, Tarot and Angel Card Reader, Reiki Animal communicator and Rahanni Healer.

Lisa Rockett
Lisa Rockett is a Working Spiritual Intuitive Medium. It Brings her great Appreciation to be able to be a voice for spirit and validation and guidance to Loved ones. 💜 Lisa often starts by asking the recipient to pick a Angel Card that they are drawn too before the reading begins. Whether you would like a Reading for Guidance or Mediumship 🔮Lisa works for Spirit 🙏

Vanessa Smallwood
Vanessa has seen spirit all of her life but did not learn how to communicate with them until her late 30’s when a partner passed away. Vanessa trained in North Finchley London and circles all around Hampshire. She loves her calling with spirit and gets such pleasure giving evidence of life continuing after the physical death. Giving loved ones on earth some peace 🙏 Vanessa has served churches for 10 years now and does private readings.

Angie Freeland
Angie has been a professional Psychic Medium for over 20 years. Angie has known she had a gift from a very early age although did nothing to develop her talents until she became involved with world renowned psychic medium Tony Stockwell’s Psychic Studio in Essex, England and Tony himself.
Angie developed as a professional Psychic Medium and is now in considerable demand for one-to-one readings, mediumistic demonstrations in front of audiences of varying sizes, coaching, mentoring and online training programmes internationally.
Angie is a published author of two books: “Between Heaven and Hell – A Privileged Life” & “Hear Their Story”, ten short stories of life, passing and transition to the spirit world. (2022)

Brian Walker
Brian is a Psychic Surgeon well known in the South of England.
If you need healing for anything you can book to see Brian. There are only seven appointments with him for the evening so please be sure to say you would like to see Brian.

Guidelines for our Psychic Supper evening

This evening is for entertainment purposes and is a form of experiment, no claims can be made, or results guaranteed. This must be said, but all of our readers they take their calling very seriously.

For all our readers this evening, please ask for them for their contact details.
Readings can sometimes be emotional, uplifting, and surprising! If you feel that the reading is not resonating with you, please tell the reader within five minutes and they can assist you further. (That is the same for the Reader)

Please be mindful this is only a taster session.
With the time schedule, and the number of people attending, we do need to keep to the schedule; this enables us to let everyone have the same amount of time with a reader.
A bell will ring for our readers a minute before the reading time finishes, the time for each session is then fair to all.

In buying this ticket it is your personal responsibility to ensure that you join this evening free of any medical or mental health conditions, which might affect your interpretation of the reading.



3rd February 2024

18:30 GMT


Mudeford Wood Community Centre, Piper’s Drive, Christchurch, BH23 4TR



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