Polly Harnett – Animal Communicator & Healer – Zoom Event for Conscious Cafe

Conscious Cafe Event with Polly Harnett via Zoom.

Animals can communicate with humans on a telepathic level. They can often understand our emotions, interactions, intentions, gestures, and words.

Our animals are more intelligent than we think, and knowing how to communicate with them is a truly precious gift.

Animals such as dogs can help you to reduce your stress levels, by using their strong intuitive instincts to understand us humans and how we feel.

This evening Polly will talk about how she came to be an Animal communicator and healer, some of her experiences and how we can gain confidence in understanding our pets better.

Polly works predominantly as a spiritual medium and Tarot Card Reader, additionally as a Trance Medium and Healer, Rahanni Healer and an Animal Healer and a Communication Therapist.

Polly loves to offer both 1-1 and group readings, demonstrates her work on the stage for private and charity events and loves to teach psychic and mediumship skills, working in the altered states and Animal Healing and Communication (Diploma).

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