Using Our Intuition with Sally Sherin – Conscious Café


June 7 2022, 6:30pm UK Time

Where: Emery Down & Bank Village Hall, Mill Lane, SO43 7EB

Using Our Intuition with Sally Sherin

It’s becoming increasingly important that we can each trust our own intuition – our inner wisdom – with so many different perspectives and sources of information at this time.

We’re evolving through a very intense time period, which is pushing us to make leaps in consciousness – and our intuition comes through from a higher part of ourselves which is becoming closer and more evident as we increase in physical frequency and our psychic abilities open up more and more.

Our souls are speaking to us all the time – but do we always listen?!

We thought this would be a great topic to explore at this time, and Sally will lead a short meditation to allow us to access our higher wisdom whilst also connected within the heartspace as a group, which can have a powerful uplifting effect on everyone’s level of consciousness.

Sally Sherin is a QHHT practitioner (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) Energy Healer, facilitates many live events and has been a part of Inspirations many Solstice events along with Tim Whild and Polaris AB.