Mother Mary’s Blue Rose of Grace

An online workshop with Jackie White and Alice Heath!

The ineffable compassion of Mother Mary is something so sacred and nourishing that to be touched by Her Light can move mountains within us.

Our experience here on Earth has often brought up much challenge, heartache and strife, especially in our personal relationships…so much that we can feel like we’re on an endless healing journey. But that’s not meant to be our embodied experience! Connection, compassion, love and Unity is what we are here for! 🤍

Join Jackie and Alice as we release and untangle deep wounds of the heart in this gentle, yet profound healing experience! Let your True Heart shine forth !!!

In this workshop, you can expect to:

Receive a radiant heart healing from Mother Mary and her Angels of Grace
Hear directly channelled wisdom from Mother Mary in response to any of your questions asked
Learn a simple method to strengthen your personal connection directly to Mary, and so heal anything which arises day by day
Contribute to anchoring a deeper sense of Unity Consciousness and awakening more meaningful relationships here on Earth

It’s a wonderful honour to bring you this offering, thank you for meeting us with vulnerability, compassion and Love!

See you on Thursday! Replay available to all who enrol, so no worries if you can’t attend live!

Love from the One True Heart, Jackie and Alice 🌹🤍