Let the Nordic Light Shine In Your Heart this Solstice with Jackie White, Anna Indra Larsson & Lovisa Alvtörn

20 June 2023 | 19:00 BST

Follow your Heart and let the Nordic Light support you in daring to Shine your Light!

In this Solstice Inspirational talk Jackie White will host the two Swedish spiritual teachers Anna Indra Larsson and Lovisa Alvtörn. They will share with you as inspiration their spiritual awakening journeys and how for them it was simply impossible to ignore the voice of their Hearts when it called to them, no matter what everyone around them might be thinking …

This will be a conversation focusing on Courage, Truth, Faith and Authenticity, and on always trusting and following your Heart. The guides this evening include the Norse Masters of Light with their strong Warrior Spirit, which is so supportive to us right now. They recognize that following our hearts and standing in our truths may not always be easy, but they stand with us as it really is time for us to step into our highest purpose here on Earth. They are showing us that we can all do it – YOU can do it! This is why you are here …

This evening will prepare you for the powerful Solstice on June 21. Anna and Lovisa are bringing you the Nordic Light from the Land of the Midnight Sun, at the brightest time of the year in the Northern hemisphere! The message that Lovisa and Anna are receiving is that the time has come for the Nordic Light to once again shine upon the Earth and into the Heart of Humanity. During this workshop they will guide you in a meditation where you will be supported by the Nordic Light during its very peak at the Summer Solstice, to light you up and support you in shining your Light fully – no more holding back!

As always, this event will be LIVE with the possibility to ask questions during the event. The recording will be sent out to the participants the following day, and the recorded version is just as powerful as the live event, so don’t worry if you miss it!

Learn more about Anna and Lovisa:
Anna Indra Larsson runs House of Indra in Örebro, Sweden: www.annaindralarsson.com (Note that Anna’s website will be released in English very shortly!)
Lovisa Alvtörn runs Ascension with Lovisa in Uppsala, Sweden: www.ascensionwithlovisa.com