Introduction to the Energy Codes with Tricia Hobbs


October 14 2022, 7pm UK time

Emery Down and Bank Village Hall
Mill Lane, Emery Down, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, SO43 7EB

A practical guide that can transform your life with revolutionary and accessible practices which are grounded in Energy medicine, neurobiology and quantum physics.

The aim of the Energy Codes is to awaken your Spirit, Heal your body and empower you to love your best life.

Practical, accessible steps and exercises to bridge science and spirituality including breathwork and yoga

“Wonderfully powerful…Dr Sue Morter bridges the realms of science, spirituality and true personal transformation…When you apply these practical and effectively proven tools, you will heal your mind, your body and your reality”
Dr Joe Dispenza

“A virtual scientific treasure map for finding health, happiness and love at the end of the rainbow”
Dr Bruce Lipton