Ian Welch 5th Dimension Healer

Ian Welch 5th Dimension Healer a truly inspirational, genuinely lovely authentic Soul.

Helping us innerstand why we need to be grounded and what that means with a fantastic Grounding meditation.

How important Self Love is and how to do self love.

How we raise our vibration and help us innerstand how everything we need answers to is within us already.

How we can clear any illness.

Ian also shares all the amazing healing modalities he works with and how he runs workshops to upgrade the Heart Pineal Gland, Solar Plexus Pineal Gland, base pineal gland and the third eye pineal gland.

Helps us innerstand crystals and how to raise their vibration.

Ian: Discernment is my middle name.
Love and blessings to all who choose love as their guide.

Ian Welch

Healing for 41 years
Shiatsu for 30 years
Reiki for 30 years
Faith healing since the age of 19
Psychic and Clairvoyant directly from the Universe
Free information and affirmations to empower you
Clear and positive connections to our galactic neighbours
Proud owner of Spooky 2 Rife machines
Aura camera device (PIP) for contrast interference photography