Ian Welch – More Higher Dimension Wisdom

In this video Ian explains in more detail how our blood goes around the body and is not pumped by the heart and why no heat comes from the sun, it’s not possible.

Why some people suffer from SAD in the winter months and what we can do to help ourselves.

There is no such thing as a flu virus as Ian explains shedding.

How Ian lifted the Tree vibration from 5D to 7D

Why 5G is not harmful to us now or chem trails.

In our previous talk Ian explained how you have to ask for the highest vibration/aspect of the archangels we call on to help us so I asked the question if we connect with our loved ones do we ask for their highest vibration and was amazed at what happened next.

Another question is the moon real and no it’s not! With explanation as to why.

There was more spoken about as well Ian is just a mind of information.

We were also joined by Sue Ian’s wife for her explanation of Dragons and Unicorns.

A truly fascinating evening and thanks to everyone that joined us.