Empowering talks with World-Class Speakers

Be Part of The New Evolution with World Class Speakers

Jackie White brings these six warrior speakers together to update you on where we are currently, how much is being done behind the scenes for our New World. Bringing heart based love forward and leaving fear behind.

This is the first of our visionary events let’s all be a part of this expanded consciousness, WE ARE THE LIGHTWORKERS, here for this time, we know our roles now and are moving FORWARD TOGETHER.

Edward has recently published his e-book Smoke & Mirrors and will do a short talk about the call to action required.
Forward to Edward’s book by his good friend Dolores Cahill.
Edward along with Toby Oakley is also our technical wonders for the day.

Donna Maxine
Well loved and respected Tarot Reader, Crystal expert, Intuitive, Past life reader and much more. Donna Maxine White is internationally well known and has been a professional reader for over 20 years, based in Christchurch, near Bournemouth. She uses her psychic and clairsensiant abilities in many ways, as well as doing tarot and palmistry readings she offers past life tarot readings and in depth karmic palmistry readings, which helps the soul clear blocks and work through karmic patterns.

Jaclyn Dunne Author of Mind Body Miracle, Truther, Hypnotherapist.
Jaclyn left the corporate world behind in 2010 after realising life is too short not to follow her passion. She had been suffering with an auto-immune condition for decades that no specialist could help with. She believed there was an answer and so re-trained as an award winning Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist, Bio Resonance Therapist, Naturopath, Homeopath, Holistic Health Coach and Best selling Author to find the solution. As a wellbeing detective she will find the root cause to your health concerns.
Jaclyn has been an outspoken advocate for the children for many years after her daughter was vaccine injured as a young baby.

John O’Looney Funeral Director Milton Keynes
John O’Looney has been a funeral director for 15 years and has his own business Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services in the UK. John shares his alarming pandemic experience starting in late November 2019 when he saw a “blow-up pandemic mortuary” in a local hospital which was set up in preparation for “something really horrible coming! John has shown bravery above and beyond in helping humanity become more aware of where the globalist agenda was headed with evidence to prove it. By speaking out how many lives has he saved we won’t know but we thank him absolutely and completely. John will be joining us remotely from Milton Keynes.

Pam Gregory The Next Step
Pam an Astrologer and Author has been involved with astrology for 45 years, it is her passion to help people. She sees astrology as a profound and secret language of geometry and meaning that helps us to see the bigger picture. Her interests lie in seeing astrology in the context of a spiritual journey, and How New, astrological discoveries are expanding our view of all life on Earth.

Ray Savage
Ray started his career with the British police, as a police cadette in 1966, which over the years included intelligence work and setting up and running a counterterrorist squad. Over 20 years, Ray saw policing morph from a service into a force. He left holding the rank of detective sergeant. Ray is a certified trainer for Heart Math and a Heart IQ practitioner, using Gongs for vibrational healing journeys and doing all night Pujas. In an effort to assist the evolution of expansion of consciousness, he is working with a number of groups to develop centres globally. These groups are Universal Trust, New Energy Trust, New Story, Ubuntu, Heart IQ, Heart Math, Full Circle Project and Whole World Community. He sponsored an attempt to re-create a Tesla free energy device at the Sussex farm in 2014 and developed and built a centre in the Ox Mountains of County Sligo cabraghlodge.ie. He is also a huge advocate of www.orynoco.com.
Ray’s vision is to create centres globally that will elevate consciousness bringing in the more cohesive community, creating health, happiness, and harmony globally.

Edward Fitzgerald
Edward has recently published his e-book Smoke & Mirrors and will do a short talk about the call to action required.
Forward to Edward’s book by his good friend Dolores Cahill.