Sacred Remembrance, Key Code Activations and Light Language Attunements

Throughout time there have been those around the world who have guarded the Mysteries of this Universe. Learnt, mastered and embodied the true purity of Source. Anchored Light down through their own Being and expression. Fully Divine and Fully Human..!

Right now we are in a time of Sacred Remembrance, where lineages such as the Magdalene’s…the Mystery Schools…are being awakened within those with eyes to see, ears to hear. Women and Men every day are awakening to this path of Love, to this calling…this blossoming…this opening of the Heart. Are you ready to answer the call??

Join Jackie White and Alice Heath in this “ConsciousCafe” style zoom workshop, right in the midst of the auspicious 2:2 portal, for an evening of Sacred Remembrance, Key Code Activations and Light Language Attunements as we reawaken within you the Way of the Rose 🌹

In this zoom workshop we will:
🌹 Discover more of what it means to be of the Rose Lineage
🌹 Understand why this particular path is so poignant and necessary for the ascension of Earth
🌹 Group discussion on how the Divine Feminine is healing past life wounds in todays reality 
🌹 Receive Initiation from Mary Magdalene and a Blessing from Goddess Isis

✨ All who register will receive a replay! So don’t worry if you can’t make it live ✨


  1. What is it really to have an open heart? What does it feel like? Look like in every day life?
  2. Purity of true love… Sharing locations of love without condition that you have experienced
  3. As within, so without… Fast track of embodied, unconditional love. Path of the rose in today’s world. What we practice for ourselves, blossoms and grows.