Abundant Within – Abundant Without – Inspiration in the Hot Seat with Alice Heath

The non-physical realms have always extended a playful hand to assist us on Earth with our physical incarnation, reminding us always the power that lies within, if only we allow ourselves to remember…! As 2024 progresses, we are finding that their help and love is reaching farther than ever before!

This recording of Alice’s Hot Seat evening is on the website now: A few of the many questions asked and answered:
1) Knowing flow and abundance is our divine right, we did not come here to struggle, and yet that appears as our reality.
2) Hearing this is just one timeline and that on another timeline we are homeless and another a billionaire, how can our logical mind process that and is it true?
3) How do we overcome such deeply ingrained poverty consciousness, when consciously we know and believe that all is well. But not really believing it subconsciously.
4) How can we easily tune in to the EXPANDED version of us?
5) As an empath, how do we navigate friends suffering? Financially, spiritually, mentally?
6) Is it true if you hear of a footballer getting 100’s of 1000’s per week for instance, rather than condemning & judging as is quite often the 3D way if we know they deserve that and wish them the best we are wishing it for ourselves?
7) Why is there such imbalance in wages, in the same company, football team… why is a certain person worth more than another?
😎 Can our Abundance or lack of it affected by a past life?
9) In protecting ourselves are we closing of a flow of abundance?
10) How do we raise Children with high self worth?