Pippa Wilford – Living in Alignment with your True Self

Pippa Wilford – Living in Alignment with your True Self
We all want to live our best life and yet can struggle to know how, especially when we have been conditioned as children to live according to the expectations of others. Without understanding our fundamental “blue print” we can lose our sense of self as we try to “fit in” rather than celebrate our own uniqueness.

Do you frequently run out of steam and need time alone to recharge? Or do you have more energy than you know what to do with?
Are your best decisions made instantly? Do you have a reliable “gut feel” for what’s right for you? Or do you need to give yourself time to tune in to make your best decisions?
Do you have consistent access to willpower?
In this introductory talk, Pippa will give you an overview of the Human Design Keys and how an understanding of your own Type and Authority allow you to live your best life in flow.

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