Paul Syrett – Nature, Trees, Elementals in a nutshell – Reverence and Connection

The transition from one life to another has been pretty extraordinary and rapid in many senses. I am told I have learnt 50 years of knowledge in 5! However the journey hasn’t just been about me, but many things around me, like the place I am living and the land, trees and wider consciousnesses. To help capture and explain it, I put a talk together that many groups have now seen. I did it this way to help people see their own journeys and to understand connection, synchronicity and healing.

My healing skills – I work on the basis that the “client/person who needs healing, is actually the healer. I am the connector/interface into the wider energies, vibrations and consciousnesses to help them do what they need. And as such I don’t have a limit. I am able to work with people, groups, place, land, past, present and many levels across that.

Dowsing is many things, from a skill, an ability, to a indication/validation of connection. It’s a method of establishing a “Truth”, for exploration of things around us and it’s also a tool to help work it energies and the wider realms around us. It’s something we all have access to – you just need to be shown….

The transition to 5D = Well all of the above as it applies to the individual and also at a community level. Learning your own truth, connection and reverence to your world, what’s around you and most importantly to be “Observant” to that world. Also to understand to move forward or make anything happen you need to have : Faith, Trust and Belief, powered by love. Paul Syrett – Nature, Trees, Elementals in a nutshell – Reverence and Connection quantity.


  1. Loved listening to you speaking with Jackie last night. I do hope you bring out a book soon. I am in S W Ireland and have given up travelling for the time being. Looking forward to learning more.

  2. I had goosebumps and tears all through this show. Please send email or phone where I can reach PaulSyrett. This has changed me !

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