Navigating the Intense Energies of Our Time

Renee and Jackie talking about how they are finding the energy around us –
How we question ourselves
How important it is to love ourselves and others
Pendulum testing to raise our vibration
Clearing our Akashic records
Protecting ourselves
The benefits of Ho’oponopono


  1. Hi I love your channel. Its very relaxing and down to earch. I saw you with Janine a while ago, and have only just found your site. I would like to subscribe, but dont see how. Thanks for your contribution to the you tube community.

    1. Thank you Christine, so nice to receive feedback, there is an option below to sign for the newsletter Tom may have messaged you about it?
      So much Love to you, Jackie xx

  2. Just listened to this particular interview today and it was so lovely. I’ve got another migraine today which isn’t shifting (and I’ve done a hypnosis meditation) but it hasn’t worked. Will go and do a sound bowl healing session, a nice salt bath and head to bed. What is Renee’s surname/website? I would love read more about her. She has such a lovely presence. Love to you both ❤️🙏🏼

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