Ho’oponopono with Jackie White

The Ancient Hawaiian Healing Technique of Ho’oponopono

We mostly live remembering yesterday, believing if it has happened before it will happen again…!
Everything we Say, Do, Believe, Think, Act…
Is all from past memories.
Understanding Ho’oponopono is the delete button we can use bringing us to Zero, clearing us of old data, old memories, old tapes replaying.
It helps us live from Inspiration rather than the 1000’s of thoughts we think daily where probably over 90% are the same thoughts
as the day before…!

Jackie loves this wonderful technique that is so simple, the story of Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len is so inspiring brought to our awareness by Dr Joe Vitale.
Join Jackie for this talk to learn how it can help you in every situation of life that you find yourself in and how it has now helped millions world wide.

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