Golden Soulstice The Homecoming

At this ‘Golden Gateway’ for humanity, we are called to gather in sacred circle once again. As the collective navigates this current period of preparation for our planet’s new Golden Age, we are receiving extreme energetic assistance, which is serving well to break down any density still present.

By the December Solstice 2020, enough of us are to be ready in order for the greatest spell which has ever been cast upon humanity to be finally broken. Our intention is to join with you to form a magnificent Golden Circle of Light on the eve of the Solstice, embodying frequencies to assist the process.

The 21st December, 21.12.2020, is standing out ahead of us a bit like a flag at the end of a long race! Much has been foretold of this time, especially by native cultures: Aboriginal Elders have shared their knowledge around ‘the most important date ever prophesied – for the ULURU Pleiadian ‘Magic Box’ Activation – that will give birth to The New Earth’. The Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter, only 0.1 degree apart at the Solstice, is a potent factor in the mix. This will be the closest they have been since 1623. At 10.02am GMT, the point of Solstice, light workers are called to face Uluru in divine service.

Uluru, or Ayer’s Rock, is the solar plexus chakra of our planet. We humans have a symbiotic relationship with our mother Earth, and it seems that the human solar plexus has recently been through some deep preparation for this time. The Solar Plexus is very much linked with self empowerment, standing within your inner power, the inner Sun within us which is our Sovereignty.

What life is presenting, mortality – which is what we have been learning this year. Our theme at this time is all around Natural Laws, Common Laws, Truth as opposed to belief, and of course The Law of One, the Laws of Universal Being.

The human solar plexus is the centre of our sense of ‘Self’. When we move through Fear, as we have been doing this year, we travel beyond the human construct, into Love, into a truer version, a greater version, an expanded version of who we are. Travelling through our Solar Plexus, travelling through our Fear, we find our Golden Christed Selves: we were here waiting for us all along.

Join us on Sunday 20th December in a Golden Circle of high-frequency Unity Consciousness, in preparation for the dawning of this moment, as we explore what lies before us at this time.

The Speakers
Tim Whild –
Sally Sherin –
Paul Dobree-Carey –
Jackie White

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