Franco DeNicola

Franco DeNicola’s perception of humanity and the World greatly diverges from conventional ways of thinking. Rather than abiding to traditional belief systems and mindsets, he sees beyond their conceptual creation, recognizing that there is more to us than what our current human experience has led us to believe.

A shift in consciousness has been recently leading more of us to not only question the ego-driven structures controlling our world, but to awaken to who we truly are beyond the mind and the physicality. In the midst of these unique times of social upheaval and spiritual awakening, it is with a great love for humanity that Franco dedicates himself to sharing his insights and understanding with others.
Franco’s work is simply aimed at assisting individuals in creating realignments within their personal lives, while reestablishing a oneness consciousness in this currently segregated world.

For the past three decades Franco has shared his unique insights on the complexities of the human experience to individuals and audiences around the world. Franco knew from a very young age, that his soul’s purpose is to bring clarity and a deeper understanding of the human experience and our true purpose. Franco’s down to earth and genuine approach reaches people at a deeper level, triggering and igniting a recognition of one’s own divinity, opening your soul to a higher level of consciousness and personal freedom.
Franco’s message embraces our intrinsic nature of Love and Oneness, as every individual plays an integral part in changing the Whole!

After watching an interview with Franco I was inspired to contact him and ask if he would join us for a conversation. I found his knowledge of our world and reality including the Moon, our Charkra’s, 3D -5D, a civilization below ground, walk-ins, ego, karma, etc completely fascinating and delighted he has agreed to join us for this evening.

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