Finding Your Way – The Path of Light – Solstice Event

Solstice Ascension Circle 21st June 2021: Finding Your Way – The Path of Light with Tim Whild, Sally Sherin, Polaris AB (Paul Dobree-Carey) & Jackie White

Tim, Sally, Paul & Jackie are joining together at this powerful Solstice Time for another gathering, with guidance and energy processes to assist everyone at this time…….

The year so far has brought many challenges for most: pushing each of us to face our deepest fears and to look at the lower-Vibrational energies within ourselves, and bring them to the surface to be released.

Nothing is slowing down as we go into the eclipse season and the solstice, and self-care is a must as we take ourselves through these strong gateways of transformation. Flowing with the Divine Plan, even while not fully seeing what that is; going with the flow of life and finding enjoyment in every day will serve us well at this time.
Bringing in our ‘greater’ selves: remembering each day to sit with the wholeness of who we really are for Love and Guidance. Feeling the Creative Force, the life force, the flow of nature pulsating through our physical bodies – it is always there. This unstoppable force – the spiral of creation – is our natural divine blueprint, our purpose: ever-creating, evolving, expanding, leading us forwards to create the new.

This is the force which holds ‘God consciousness’ or ‘Source energy’, and it is within us. It is us. It pulsates through us, onwards, ever-loving, ever-present. It is the Golden Light to lift us through these immensely challenging times.
When we give ourselves over to the Golden Light, we are washed clean of our fears and anything of a low or old vibration.
Only the Gold Frequency of Love can reside within us, seeking to express itself through us daily, seeking to create, to flow where it is divinely required for the evolution of humanity into the Golden Age.

The Speakers
Tim Whild –
Jackie White –
Sally Sherin –
Paul Dobree-Carey –

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