Dr Sam White Talks with Jackie White

Dr Sam White discusses how he recently won his court case and moving forward in the world of health and finances.


  1. Fantastic and very informative. I was one of those who gave a statement to support the Hammersmith case. I am aware of PHA and one or two other things that are starting up. I have been injured by the AZ jab but I believe I have overcome it largely because I met natural remedies. I have lost all trust in the NHS but I know there are some wonderful people still working there. I am interested in all the alternatives to statutory system and am awake but don’t know how best to use my energy. Thank you.

  2. Hi Jackie
    I would like to register for the Sam’s talk on financial sovereignty.
    How do I go about this?
    Many thanks


  3. You get such a brilliant range of speakers, I learn so much. Thank you.

    Is it possible to have to have the link to register for Dr Sams talk this evening, I couldn’t find it in the comments as the internet kept dropping out.

    e mail: maxsamdesigns@hotmail.co.uk

    many thanks


  4. Nice to hear the perspective of Dr White whose view on what the virus is differs from Dawn and Lester, and Dr Kaufman and Cowan. Not sure about the financial stuff though as to say crypto is decentralised could be a bit misleading. The truth is WEF are Microsoft are promoting decentralised ‘sovereign’ blockchain based systems! Look it up. They are not decentralised in the way people imagine! All blockchain is centralised, by AI. And the AI which is the basis for how the agenda/4th industrial revolution is going to be implemented. Due diligence needed. Very knowledgable and long term researchers to listen are Alison McDowell and Bantam Joe. Anyone that absorbs the information given by Alison will not be imagining children in developing countries to be earning via blockchain technology as a good thing. There is so much more to all blockchains than the memes and short video’s circulating portray. Perhaps we are getting distracted and not taking the time to really look into what is happening. After 2 yrs not falling for the BS seems many getting sucked into the digital control system via the back door.

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