Dr Alex Ling speaking with Jackie White about the Solar Eclipse

Dr Alex kindly gave the time to speak with me about the Eclipse prophesised for 14000 years coming up April 8th 2024 at 7.17pm UK Time. Born in Vorst, Germany, Dr Alex continued his family’s medical school tradition of becoming a general practitioner. He quickly lost trust in the healthcare system, which was dominated by big pharma, and in the allopathic practice of treating the symptom instead of the cause. Dr Alex has always had an interest in a holistic approach to healthcare and is a passionate advocate of a healthy lifestyle, diet and taking responsibility for one’s wellbeing through knowledge, self-awareness and spiritual practice. As a practitioner of functional medicine, he has been assisting clients in pursuing wellness for more than two decades.

Understanding the intrinsic powers of natural materials and appreciating the capacities of mixed media for artistic expression are two of Dr. Alex’s other passions, both of which his family disapproved of. To the dismay of his GP mother, he continued his studies under Gerhard Richter at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. His affinity for the strength and understanding of stone materials led him to a parallel career as a sculptor, with an affinity for the power and energies of the ancient materials he felt connected to. His sculptures were shown throughout Europe and the USA, and he received numerous awards, including one from Edinburgh’s esteemed Scottish Royal Academy, which resulted in a commission to create a sculpture for Scotland’s Balmoral Estate. Dr Alex visited the UK as a tourist at the young age of 18 because he was captivated by the megalithic ruins in the British Isles and Ireland. Throughout his studies, he frequently travelled back to the UK. At the age of 29, he settled in Glastonbury, the spiritual “heart” of England, and established a prosperous gallery where he sold his own sculptures. Following eight years in Glastonbury, Dr Alex felt an urge to deepen his explorations by conducting studies on ancient sites (focusing primarily on the stones that were used as well as the natural springs and water sources). He sold the gallery to fund his next journey, which took him to Scotland, Spain, and Turkey; he was especially interested in Gobekli Tepe. In an effort to understand the connections between megalithic sites and water, he undertook additional research around Europe and the US. The pull of the UK however, could not be ignored, and so Dr Alex returned in 2004 to Glastonbury, where he met his British wife, and they went on to settle in Cornwall. Here in Cornwall, he has been concentrating his work as a functional medicine practitioner and actively researching the incredible living intelligence that is water.

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