Diana Cooper – Steps to the Golden Future and how Unicorns can help us achieve it

Steps to the Golden Future and how Unicorns can help us achieve it.

We are moving rapidly towards the new Golden Age in 2032. How do we ascend from the old paradigm into a glorious new way of life? What will replace the old economic systems, supermarkets, hospitals, schools and governments? What spiritual and psychic gifts will we bring forward? What will the fifth dimensional communities be like? What will the new children be like and how will they be educated? How will we travel? What will the awesome new spiritual technology offer?

We are living at the most momentous time in the history of humanity, the birthing of a new Golden Age. As midwives we have contracted to deliver an amazing new civilization and the unicorns are here to help us co-create the wonders that await us. In 2032 there is a cosmic event that will help us jump shift into the higher consciousness and attract bounty from the universe. I will share about this and the steps to 2032, then to 2050 when everything will have changed beyond our wildest expectations and how the unicorns can assist us.

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  1. So many powerful and uplifting messages here… thank you Diana for holding and sharing this vision for so long now. Collectively we will make this happen <3

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