David Hamilton – How your perception creates your reality

Did you know that colour doesn’t actually exist? It’s created by our eyes, which is why some animals see the same things as we do, but in different colour. Time and space don’t exist in the way we experience them either.

We can shift our perceptions and experience reality differently. Neuroscience research, for example, shows that the brain even allows us to see ‘psychic auras’.
In this talk, David will discuss all of this and much more, like modern theories of perception that suggest that the entire world is an illusion created in its entirety by the brain.
David will also discuss current thought on consciousness, like whether consciousness is inside your head or whether your head is inside your consciousness and that your consciousness is, in fact, infinite.

David will be speaking about how our perception changes our chemistry and biology and shapes our experiences. I discuss the rubber hand illusion that shows how perception can shift and alter experience and even the pain sensation as well as parallels between physical relativity (Einstein) and Buddhist relativity (Dependent Origination), that both suggest that all things – physical and psychological – only exist relative to other things, that all things depend upon other things.
In that context, in The Middle Way teaching in Buddhism, a route to happiness is to transcend relative ideas by noticing that all things are relative.

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