Connecting to your Angels with Andrew Bray

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In the Connecting to your Angels workshop, participants will have the opportunity to enter into sacred space and experience the powerful loving energy of Angels. Andrew will lead several separate meditations inviting Angels to connect “just as close or closer than they ever have”. The first meditation will raise the vibration of the virtual circle, and the following ones will call in the energy of archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, (and more!) and the final will call on the energy of one of your Guardian Angels. It’s an experience not to be missed and Andrew’s most popular workshop format.

Andrew Bray

Andrew Bray is an energetic catalyst. He is a certified coach specializing in intuitive development and personal empowerment. He designs and presents workshops on intuition and empowerment and has done so in Canada, the US and Cuba.

He is the original channel of Energy Awaken, a new energetic modality. It facilitates a deeper, wider grounding to allow more energy to flow, providing greater capacity. This has the intended effect of reaching deep within to facilitate releasing old energy, beliefs. patterns, forgiveness withheld, and fears. This can be an intense process that may happen quickly or take longer, depending what one is ready for.

He is a meditation facilitator. The Energy Awaken meditations are powerful, intense and healing. Energy is often felt and experienced in a new exciting way during these meditations. He also records custom meditations and self hypnosis affirmations to help you create the life you want. He often verbally channels a loving group of beings called “The Attendant” during meditations.

He is available to do keynote addresses on all of the Energy Awaken workshop topics including “Mediumship & Channeling”, “Connecting To Your Angels”, “Connecting to Mother Earth”, “Strength of Heart”.

All his work is now available to be booked online at

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