Charlie Ward talks with Jackie White

Charlie Ward talks with Jackie White about a host of interesting topics –

  • Predicted banking crash when the UK Corporation was declared bankrupt.
  • Were the vaccination ingredients a good thing in the beginning organised by the White Hats that then got corrupted to harm mankind by the Black hats.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell trial
  • On a scale of 1-10 where are we with Nesara taking place soon?
  • What is the plan behind the lockdown in Austria at the moment?
  • Is the UK under military rule now?
  • 137+ container ships moored off the coast in the USA…
  • California near to turning over their voting results in favour of Trump so he can return.
  • What can we all do to help at the moment Charlie?
  • If the Rosthchild Family have had their money confiscated, who now owns their land and property, and will the people be able to purchase the land for humanitarian purposes?
  • Crypto currency is it worth understanding it.
  • 600 new billionaires since March 2020
  • Mentioned Aids, Twin Towers and the Titanic.


  1. Thankyou Jackie & Charlie
    I’ve been watching you both since the start of the plandemic from Rural Melbourne 🇦🇺💕🙏

    1. Oh thank you Samantha, I have someone speaking with me Thursday evening live to my Facebook page about it so would love to ask your advice after that, my FB page is Inspirations PLG 7pm, I really know nothing about it but am hearing about it more and more xx

  2. Much Gratitude and thanks with Love from me for this discussion. Such positivity does help – especially here in Auckland New Zealand right now.
    You have conveyed much LIGHT and Love – so good to receive positivity that upliftsones Spirit.

  3. Thank you both for the hope you are giving us. It is getting hard to hold onto hope it’s been so long. Bless you both.

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