Patrick Gamble Psychic Artist

Patrick Gamble is an internationally well-respected and much loved visionary and psychic artist. He never went to art school and is entirely self-taught.

He has given guidance to those in need for over 25 years now and many turn to him again and again for the beautiful Spirit Guide Portraits he creates. Half of Patrick’s life has been as a none believer of any form of religion or faith. This however all change in his late thirties after having a spiritual experience.… Read More

The Original Dragon Lady

Catch up on past Inspirations PLG talks.. Dragons carry immense compassion for mankind, have a fabulous sense of humour and can be extremely direct. Caroline will talk about how dragons communicate with humans and why they are here now, how … Read More

11/9 Pillars of White Light Transmission

Catch up on past Inspirations PLG talks.. This collaboration with Renee Johnson and Sally Sherin will bring in light codes, structures and geometries for everyone who participates, rippling these out into the human collective, and to be received by our … Read More

Healing and Nature with Debs Atkinson

Catch up on past Inspirations PLG talks.. Debs will share her own journey of healing and the inspiration this gave to follow a path to becoming a healer, following the signposts and how the body always knows what it needs. … Read More

Ayurvedic Medicine with Dr Sam Watts

Catch up on past Inspirations PLG talks.. Dr Sam Watts is the lead Ayurvedic consultant at the thriving Ayurvedic practice in West Sussex. This was a natural progression for him after working in cancer research at the Department of Primary … Read More

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