Are You Ready To Adopt A New Reality? Shirley Battie

Shirley Battie gives us another viewpoint during this meeting. Do you want to know what this might be? Do we have a good future in spite of all that is happening?

This is our chance of creating a positive future. Stop thinking a doom and gloom outcome of the 3D reality. What you consistently think about becomes a reality and your subconscious listens and provides what you tell it. Completely rearrange your thinking about this place called Earth. Begin to experience life on earth as if in heaven that is as if this place were euphoria. It takes a rearranging of your thinking of who you are and how your life works but the outcome will be well worth the effort.
Shirley will share her wisdom in the best and most simple way we can do that.
Shirley has also channeled information given about Two Earths and humans currently living on many other planets that she will share and is happy to answer any questions about reincarnation and walk-ins.
We all carry heavy suitcases with us all the time of past and future situations, this evening will help you unpack them and enjoy being at home.


  1. Hi Jackie,
    I’m finding your platform very interesting and would love to learn more.I find it helps a lot with my stress and anxiety in this current situation.

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